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Contact Us

If you have questions about career and professional development or fellowship terms and benefits while training at SBP please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Education, Training, and International Services.


Diane M. Klotz, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Education, Training, and International Services

Guy Salvesen, Ph.D.
Professor, NCI-Designated Cancer Center
Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty Advisor, Graduate Education

Malene Hansen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Program of Development, Aging and Regeneration
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Faculty Advisor, Postdoctoral Training

Julie Cooke
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources


Education & Training

Nisha A. Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
Manager, Postdoctoral & Academic Programs

Mary B. Bradley, M.L.A.
Manager, Graduate School Administration

Sharon L. Schendel, Ph.D.
Graduate Education & Postdoctoral Training Specialist

Alexia T. Pimentel
Program Coordinator


International Services

A. Douglas Broadhurst, M.A.
Manager, International Services

Susie Bolor
Sr. International Advisor


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