Caroline Kumsta @ Malene Hansen Lab
Paper of the Week
Hormetic heat stress and HSF-1 induce autophagy to improve survival and proteostasis in C. elegans
Microglia (red, nuclei) phagocytosing amyloid (green)
Beaker Blog February 16, 2017
Treating Alzheimer’s by stimulating the brain’s rubbish collectors
In Alzheimer’s disease, the space around brain cells becomes clogged with toxic clumps of protein called amyloid. The problem isn’t just that amyloid is generat...
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Press Release
February 15, 2017
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Biologists have known for decades that enduring a short period of mild stress makes simple organisms and human cells better able to survive additional stress la...
Caroline Kumsta, Ph.D.
Press Release
February 13, 2017
Andrea Davidson joins SBP as vice president of philanthropy
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) has named Andrea Davidson as the new vice president of philanthropy. In her new position, Davidson will...
Ashima Shukla, Ph.D.
Beaker Blog February 9, 2017
Ashima Shukla wins fellowship for research to improve B cell lymphoma treatment
Although every tumor is different, diffuse large B cell lymphomas are generally treated as a single disease. One reason is that advanced genomic sequencing—a me...
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Heart Cardiogram
Beaker Blog February 6, 2017
Getting to the bottom of potentially fatal heart rhythm defects
Imagine your otherwise healthy child fainted while playing soccer and was diagnosed with long QT syndrome, a heart rhythm problem that can cause the heart to st...
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