Beaker Blog February 27, 2017
SBP President’s Lecture highlights new approach to cancer immunotherapy
One of the most promising new approaches to treating cancer is immunotherapy—redirecting the immune system to detect and destroy tumor cells. That’s the topic o...
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T cells (pseudo colored pink) interacting with dendritic cells (pseudo colored green)
Beaker Blog February 23, 2017
Your cells don’t lie (about your age)
Many scientists are searching for drugs that combat aging, not just to extend human lifespan, but to stay healthier longer, too. One potential target for future...
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older people jumping on the beach
Beaker Blog February 9, 2017
Ashima Shukla wins fellowship for research to improve B cell lymphoma treatment
Although every tumor is different, diffuse large B cell lymphomas are generally treated as a single disease. One reason is that advanced genomic sequencing—a me...
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Ashima Shukla, Ph.D.
Beaker Blog January 17, 2017
Scott Peterson receives grant to discover gut microbiome-targeted therapies
The gut microbiome—the trillions of bacteria and other microscopic bugs in your intestine—is a hot topic in medical research. The number scientific studies show...
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gut microbiome cartoon
Beaker Blog January 17, 2017
Research reveals the function of a pivotal protein impacting immunity and lymphoma
Robert Rickert, Ph.D. , professor at SBP, and his team have recently published discoveries in The Journal of Immunology that may open a new avenue of treatment...
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red and white blood cells and antibodies
Beaker Blog December 8, 2016
Discovery from the lab of Carl Ware, Ph.D. leads to clinical trial in pediatric Crohn’s disease
Just about any of the 700,000-plus people in the U.S. who have Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition in which portions of the intestine are inflamed, can tell yo...
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child with abdominal pain