Beaker Blog February 16, 2017
Treating Alzheimer’s by stimulating the brain’s rubbish collectors
In Alzheimer’s disease, the space around brain cells becomes clogged with toxic clumps of protein called amyloid. The problem isn’t just that amyloid is generat...
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Microglia (red, nuclei) phagocytosing amyloid (green)
Beaker Blog February 6, 2017
Getting to the bottom of potentially fatal heart rhythm defects
Imagine your otherwise healthy child fainted while playing soccer and was diagnosed with long QT syndrome, a heart rhythm problem that can cause the heart to st...
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Heart Cardiogram
Beaker Blog February 1, 2017
An “Odd” gene affects aging of the heart
As we get older, our hearts change in ways that make it harder for them to pump blood. They become stiffer, less efficient at generating energy, and more likely...
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hands holding heart
Beaker Blog October 31, 2016
New paths to treating visual complications of diabetes
Up to 80 percent of people who have had diabetes for more than 20 years develop diabetic retinopathy, putting them at risk for major vision loss. Current treatm...
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Abnormal blood vessels in patient with diabetic retinopathy
Beaker Blog February 25, 2016
Fine-tuning cellular energy increases longevity
New research from SBP has identified a protein that can extend the natural lifespan of C. elegans , a microscopic roundworm commonly used for research on aging...
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Malene Hansen, Ph.D.