Disorders of Metabolism
Beaker Blog January 9, 2017
Bret Goodpaster to lead part of $170M NIH effort to understand the molecular effects of exercise
Everyone knows that physical activity is good for your health, but we’re far from understanding all the details of how exercise improves the function of the cel...
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woman exercising on bike in gym
Beaker Blog December 6, 2016
Research could ease the transition to an active lifestyle
If you don’t exercise regularly, your muscles become less able to support physical activity, so you tire out quickly. That makes it extremely difficult for sede...
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family running
Beaker Blog November 15, 2016
Long-term exercise makes fat better at burning calories, but doesn’t turn it brown
Brown fat is good, white fat bad. That’s the impression given by recent metabolism research focused on how to make white fat, which stores energy, more like the...
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woman swimming on her back
Beaker Blog October 27, 2016
How cholesterol-lowering drugs ameliorate fatty liver disease
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is quietly becoming an epidemic alongside obesity—up to 20% of people in Western countries have it. Though NAFLD, the m...
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Fatty liver tissue (trichrome stain)
Beaker Blog October 25, 2016
Are artificial sweeteners bad for your health?
These days, we’re fighting a war on sugar, and it might seem like we’re winning. Low-calorie, artificial sweeteners are added to 15% of the volume of foods and...
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artificial sweetener packets
Beaker Blog August 8, 2016
Scientists discover potential avenue to early treatment for type 2 diabetes
Researchers at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) have identified a new potential target for drugs to prevent type 2 diabetes. A paper...
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insulin pens