The Rocket Fund

Help Battle Childhood Diseases

The Rocket Fund supports the heroic battle against heartbreaking rare and neglected children’s diseases.

The Rocket Fund was named in honor of John Taylor “Rocket” Williams IV who suffered from a rare condition known as CDG or Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. Rocket touched the lives of many, including SBP Dr. Hudson Freeze, a researcher specializing in glycobiology. Dr. Freeze helped bring a greater understanding of the disease and with it, hope, to Rocket's family.

Sadly, Rocket passed away in November 2008, but the groundbreaking work started by Dr. Freeze continues today in his honor. Rocket’s family and friends generously started The Rocket Fund in 2007 and have tirelessly worked to support medical research for childhood diseases at SBP by contributing nearly $2 million to date.

In just a short time, thanks to this support, SBP researchers have developed several new therapies for rare childhood disease, which are showing promise in clinical trials.

Research into rare and neglected diseases is tragically underfunded. The lack of understanding of these diseases can be extremely frustrating when children are suffering.

Your support of The Rocket Fund will enable further cutting-edge investigation of rare and neglected childhood diseases, including research into their causes and efforts to devise new medicines for possible treatment.

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