Cancer Metabolism, Autophagy, & Nutrient Sensing Symposium

Cancer Metabolism, Autophagy, and Nutrient Sensing Symposium

June 25-26, 2014
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
La Jolla, California

Location 1

Fishman Auditorium map, 10901 N. Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037

Location 2

Building 12 Auditorium map, 10905 Road to the Cure, La Jolla, CA 92121

Seating: Please note that seating for the live event in the Fishman Auditorium is on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the limited seating in the Fishman, there will be overflow seating outside in the Foyer, and the talks will also be simulcast to our large and comfortable Building 12 Auditorium located at 10905 Road to the Cure, San Diego, CA 92121.

Parking: For the Fishman, please park on the street or in the SB parking garage on campus, and report to the B1 receptionist for directions to the auditorium (if you are not familiar with the location). For the B12 Auditorium, please park in the dirt parking lot directly across from the building on the Road to the Cure.

This symposium is organized by:

Coordinator (for all inquiries):
Kathleen Alexander Juran

Symposium Flyer


Wednesday, June 25

4:15 pm - Registration

5:00 - Welcome: Jorge Moscat

Introductory Notes/Remarks – Kristiina Vuori

Keynote Presentation

Larry Goldstein

The VHL Tumor Suppressor Protein: Insights into Oxygen Sensing and Cancer Metabolism

William Kaelin
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston

5:50 pm

Larry Goldstein

Autophagy, Metabolism, and Pancreatic Cancer

Alec Kimmelman
Harvard Medical School, Boston

Thursday, June 26

7:45 am - Coffee Service

8:00 am

Larry Goldstein

Regulation of autophagy by oncogenic signals

Beth Levine
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

8:35 am

Larry Goldstein

AMPK and mTOR in nutrient sensing and autophagy regulation

Kun-Liang Guan
University of California, San Diego

9:10 am

mTORC1 activation by p62

Jorge Moscat
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

9:45 am - Coffee Break

10:15 am

Larry Goldstein

Regulation of Cancer Cell Growth & Survival by mTOR/S6K1 Signaling

John Blenis
Harvard Medical School, Boston

10:50 am

Metabolic reprograming by the mTORC1/p62 complex in the tumor stroma

Maria Diaz-Meco
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

11:25 am

Larry Goldstein

Inflammation, metabolism and liver cancer

Michael Karin
University of California, San Diego

12:00 pm - Break

1:30 pm

Larry Goldstein

Hypoxia, Metastasis, and Tumor Progression

Celeste Simon
Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

2:05 pm

Larry Goldstein

Analysis of metabolic pathways in cancer cells and tumors

Ralph J. DeBerardinis
University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

2:40 pm

Larry Goldstein

Autophagy and neurodegeneration

David Rubinsztein
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Cambridge, UK

3:15 - Coffee Break

3:45 pm

Larry Goldstein

Nutrients supporting mitochondrial metabolism and cellular redox

Christian Metallo
University of California, San Diego

4:20 pm

Larry Goldstein

Myc and Metabolism on the Path to Cancer

Chi Van Dang
University of Pennsylvania - Abramson Cancer Center, Philadelphia

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