Adam D. Richardson

Adam D. Richardson, Ph.D.[La Jolla]

Although we have long known that tumors display altered and unique metabolic programs, we have not yet leveraged this knowledge into effective anti-tumor therapies. This laboratory aims to develop new methods to study tumor metabolism and identify novel anticancer metabolic targets.

  • Facility Director, Cancer Metabolism Shared Resource
  • Research

    By altering cellular metabolism we can prevent cancer progression and malignancy.

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Adam D. Richardson's Research Focus

Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Metabolic Diseases, Pancreatic Cancer, Skin Cancer and Melanoma

My research focuses on human tumor metabolism with the dual goals of therapeutic discovery and technology development. We have developed stable isotope-based metabolic tracer methods which allow us to determine metabolic fluxes in human cells. By supplying 13C-labled metabolic substrates (such as glucose, glutamine, and lactate) to living cells, we are able to then analyze isotopomer patterns of key metabolites by mass spectrometry and NMR. This data yields information on both pathway activities and metabolite pool sizes. In particular, we are able to determine activity rates of glycolysis, the pentose phosphate pathway, glutaminolysis, the TCA cycle, fatty acid biosynthesis and oxidation, and the biosynthesis of most non-essential amino acids. In addition, we have the ability to perform a wide range of complementary assays, such as large scale unbiased metabolite profiling by LC/MS, rapid substrate profiling by YSI analyzer, bioenergetic analysis (NAD(P)H and ATP/ADP/AMP) by HPLC and respiratory capacity by Seahorse XF. The understanding gained from these experiments allows us to identify potential anti-tumor targets that we then confirm using a combination of molecular and chemical biology approaches. Overall, this research leads to novel insights and reveals connections between oncogenes, signaling pathways and the unique metabolic program of tumor cells.

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• SBMIR Postdoc 10/08 Cancer Biology

• University of Utah Ph.D. 05/03 Medicinal Chemistry

• Rice University M.S. 05/98 Environmental Eng.

• Rice University B.A. 05/96 Biochemistry/Biology

Funding Awards and Collaborative Grants

Funding for "Functional Metabolomics and Metabolic Flux Analysis in Cancer" from the NCI's Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) Program

Honors and Recognition

• Eric Dudl Scholarship, NCI-Designated Cancer Center (BIMR), 2008

• Burnham Science Network, NCI Cancer Center Symposium Award (BIMR), 2007

• American Chemical Society (Division of Medicinal Chemistry) Predoctoral Fellowship, 2000

• American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Predoctoral Fellowship, 1999 & 2000

• Eleanor and Mills Bennett Fellowship, 1997

Other Affiliations

• IMAT Study Section member
National Cancer Institute (NCI)

• R21 Omnibus reviewer
National Cancer Institute (NCI)

• Editorial Board

• Nature Communications
ad hoc reviewer

• Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hemotology
ad hoc reviewer

• Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research
ad hoc reviewer

• Metabolites
ad hoc reviewer

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