Postdoctoral Training

Science careers: from postdoc to PI

Science careers: from postdoc to PI

Faculty members Malene Hansen and Stefan Riedl give advice on how to make a successful transition from researcher to manager.

The big picture

The big picture

SBP Science Network’s annual poster symposium, where young scientists exchange ideas.

About the Program

Attracted by our major research programs in human disease and our distinguished capabilities in stem cell research and drug discovery, approximately 250 postdoctoral researchers are currently furthering their careers at SBP. In order to help our trainees advance their careers and enjoy their tenure with us, the Institute provides a number of opportunities for collaboration, ongoing education and social interaction.

The postdoctoral period is the ultimate opportunity for education and training before scientists are ready to embark on independent careers in academia or industry. At SBP, most training takes place in research laboratories under the mentorship of faculty. Postdocs also attend seminars on the latest technology. In addition to intensive scientific training, seminars are also offered in ethics, communications, language, grantsmanship and technical writing.

Postdoctoral training is an important part of SBP success. We value our postdocs and have structured the program to foster collaboration among faculty, staff and trainees.

Postdoc Association

The SBP Science Network, created in 1999, allows postdoctoral trainees and graduate students to connect scientifically and socially.

Opportunities at SBP

Interested in joining the SBP team? Take a look at our current postdoctoral training opportunities. Or if you'd like to get a clearer sense of the impact that training at the Institute may have, read more about how SBP postdocs have shaped science. You may also read about the experiences and successes of some SBP postdocs to get a better idea of what the Institute has to offer.

Recent Developments

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