Nina E. Fishman, M.Ed.

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Nina E. Fishman, M.Ed.

Community Advisory Board Member

Nina Fishman's Bio

Nina Fishman, M.Ed., has worked as an organizational development consultant, program developer and executive coach to help great organizations become even better through adapting the best practices in management and personal development. 

She is the daughter of Dr. William and Lillian Fishman, founders of Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute. She is proud of the work that her parents achieved, against the odds, in creating a culture in which scientific inspiration thrives to this day. 

A recent breast cancer survivor herself, Nina was drawn to the work of the Cancer Center Community Advisory Board. She looks forward to applying her background to the work of this Board as it educates the community in how scientists seek to understand, treat, and eventually cure many types of cancer. Being able to contribute to the community is for her the silver lining in the otherwise dark cloud of uncertainty that plagues cancer survivors.

Her credentials include Masters Degree in Education, an advanced certificate in Organizational Systems Development from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and certifications in many powerful tools for improving cultures. She has learned from real-world experience what works and what doesn’t. Most recently, she worked as a senior organizational development consultant for the City of San Diego. Working with the leadership of several key departments, she helped develop leadership at all levels. She also has implemented total quality and work redesign approaches so that organizations could successfully streamline workflows, reengineer processes, manage conflict, and reduce waste.

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