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Paul R. Kaufmann

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Paul is an accomplished semiconductor equipment executive with medium to large-scale enterprises. His expertise is working through transformational challenges where growth and complexity require changes to global planning, systems, and processes to enhance business value. Paul has a knowledge and passion in all aspects requiring the alignment of transformational strategies, planning, organizational development, and corporate governance with scalable infrastructure enabling senior executives to improve executional capabilities, profitability, asset performance, and cash flow. Paul has a BA from Beloit College (Wisconsin), an MBA from American University (Washington, DC), and his experience includes executive positions at Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust Co. (NYC), Digital Equipment Corporation (Boston), Harvard Medical School (Senior Financial Executive), Applied Materials and LAM Research (Silicon Valley), and Cymer (San Diego). Paul and his wife Helen reside in Del Mar, CA. He is currently semi-retired and an Adjunct Professor at Brandman’s Business School in Irvine CA, enjoys photography, traveling, hiking, and reading. 

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