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Flies in Space! The effects of zero gravity on the heart

Karen Ocorr, Ph.D.
Karen Ocorr, Ph.D.

Date and time

October 13, 2020

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM



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Dr. Karen Ocorr will talk about her fascinating experiments with fruit flies conducted aboard NASA’s International Space Station. The study explores the impact of weightlessness on the heart. Why fruit flies? Humans have a lot in common with them. Each fruit fly carries roughly 75% of disease-causing genes and a similar heart structure to us. Dr. Ocorr will explain how her fruit flies traveling in space are our partners in helping to uncover a route to therapeutics that can be used to prevent or treat human cardiovascular disorders, both in space and on earth!

There will be a 45 min talk and a 15 min Q & A session.


Karen Ocorr, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Development, Aging and Regeneration Program
Neuroscience and Aging Research Center