No cure yet, but progress made in managing and detecting Alzheimer’s

Experts on Alzheimer’s talk with public at Date With A Cure forum.

SBP and Eli Lilly extend collaboration for 3 more years

A professor at SBP landed a $4.96 million grant to advance a preclinical program for oxygen-deprived newborns at risk of neurological disorders.

La Jolla lab creating cure for baldness

Cell therapy proving successful in early tests - Scientists at Stemson Therapeutics say they've found a way to create new hair cells that could become...

Soon there will be unlimited hair

A "cure" for baldness could be around the corner - New uses of stem cells and 3-D printing could make baldness obsolete.

Does the microbiome help the body fight cancer?

Research in mice and humans is beginning to establish a link between the composition of microbes in the gut and immune responses to tumor cells...