New Hope Against 'Incurable' Liver Disease That Kills Children

Patients with an incurable, genetic liver disease have new hope after an animal study showed that a single drug could reverse its effects

Misfolding proteins bring caution for gene therapies for haemophilia

US researchers have discovered a link between protein misfolding and liver cancer, that could help improve gene therapy for haemophilia

Sanford Burnham Prebys announces start of Phase 2 clinical trial of DS-1211 in individuals with PseudoXanthoma Elasticum

Daiichi Sankyo initiates Phase 2 trial for drug developed with Sanford Burnham Prebys

Running in the family: La Jollan completes 50th consecutive Honolulu Marathon as his kids finish their first

To Dr. Jerold Chun, the marathon is a way to honor his father and bring his family together

Inventing the ELISA Test

How a local La Jolla scientist, Dr. Eva Engvall, helped create the technology that allowed us to do at-home Covid-19 testing