San Diego scientists use ‘mini lungs’ to find treatments for COVID-19

San Diego scientists are using "mini lungs" to understand how COVID-19 impacts the lungs of people with varying backgrounds and conditions.

Can ‘team science’ yield a COVID-19 treatment?

In just three months, international researchers working together found 30 already existing drugs that seem to stop the coronavirus from destroying human cells.

Old drugs may find a new purpose: fighting the coronavirus

Driven by the pandemic’s spread, research teams have been screening thousands of drugs to see if they have this unexpected potential to fight the coronavirus.

‘Science will beat this virus:’ La Jolla doctor details discovery of 30 potential coronavirus treatments

A local research institute says it has discovered 30 promising potential treatments for the COVID-19 coronavirus and aims to have them available for trial soon.

San Diego County companies join the fight against the coronavirus

While San Diego County doctors and nurses fight COVID-19 on the front lines in hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units, scientists and researchers here are looking for answers.