Carl Ware Lab Cells

Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Center

“We are in a new era of immunology research.  Our increasing understanding of immune cells and their interactions is rapidly leading to new drugs that improve the efficacy of existing drugs and address unmet clinical needs of complex diseases, including cancer.”

- Carl Ware, Ph.D.
Center Director

About the Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Center

Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis continue to rank high among global mortality factors, especially in developing countries, and systemic inflammation has been identified as a root case of many chronic disorders in the developed world. The Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Center mission is to map the molecular intricacies of the immune system and pathogen cells and apply this knowledge to generate new therapeutics for autoimmune diseases, infection and cancer.


lymph node with abscess; image from NIH Image Gallery
Immunity and Pathogenesis Program
Understanding the nature of inflammation and immunity helps scientists formulate new approaches to treat diseases like AIDS, influenza, autoimmunity, and cancer.
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