Cancer Center

NCI-Designated Cancer Center

"Our world-class Cancer Center is deeply committed to finding new ways of restoring health and hope to cancer patients and their families.” 

- Garth Powis, D.Phil.
Center Director

Taking Aim at Cancer

Cancer, the second most common cause of death in the U.S., will account for an estimated 1.66 million newly diagnosed cases and 585,720 deaths nationwide in 2014. The SBP Cancer Center, one of only seven National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated basic research cancer centers in the country, is leading the effort to eradicate this disease. To that end, it is striving to make personalized cancer medicine a reality through its exceptional translational research.

Director's Statement

Cancer Center Brochure


Our scientists work within three research programs based on the hallmarks of cancer.

intestinal epithelia
Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Networks Program
Cancer overruns cell programs, allowing tumors to take root.
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fluorescently stained skin cancer sample
Tumor Initiation and Maintenance Program
Something goes wrong in a cell, sending it spinning out of control.
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fluorescently stained tumor sample
Tumor Microenvironment and Cancer Immunology Program
Tumors create a niche environment to spread. The immune system can be guided to fight cancer.
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