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Prebys Center for Drug Discovery

Our Team

Michael Jackson, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery and Development
Adjunct Professor
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Thomas "TC" Chung, Ph.D.

Director, Translational Programs Outreach
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Anthony Pinkerton, Ph.D.

Director, Medicinal Chemistry
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Andrey Bobkov, Ph.D.

Director, Protein Production and Analysis
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Susanne Heynen-Genel, Ph.D.

Director, High Content Imaging Platforms
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Ian Pass, Ph.D.

Director, High-Throughput Screening
Team Lead, Chemical Biology
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Tarmo Roosild, Ph.D.

Director, Structure-Guided Drug Discovery
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Eduard Sergienko, Ph.D.

Director, Assay Development
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Stefan Grotegut, Ph.D.

Group Leader, Chemical Biology
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