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Prebys Center for Drug Discovery



The Prebys Center has a track record of being a stellar partner of choice for academic, foundation and pharmaceutical partners. Featured below are a few examples of these collaborations. On average, we manage from five to ten large collaborative agreements and numerous agreements, as well as working with individual investigators on specific projects, all of which are aimed at discovering and developing first in class novel small molecule and biologic therapeutics. The current portfolio of projects includes targets for diseases such as autoimmune disorders, heart disease, cancer and metabolic disorders.


Why the Prebys Center?

We are able to organize cross-disciplinary teams of scientists toward a common goal, combining experience with innovative approaches and outstanding technical capabilities. We have particular expertise in prosecuting projects that require technically difficult assays to identify initial chemical matter, such as use of iPSC disease models in the drug discovery cascade and use of high content imaging assays to identify novel mechanism of action hits to inform druggable targets in a pathway.

Project Management in Partnering

The Prebys Center project managers play an important role in our collaborations, both those that involve Pharma/Biotech or academic drug discovery institutions and disease foundations. We work closely with the internal and external project team members and collaborators to devise project plans outlining the path to achievement of deliverables. Our team is comprised of project management trained professionals who have also had previous experiences in industry as drug discovery scientists and project leaders. We will be the interface between your project manager and the Prebys Center to ensure clarity on objectives, critical path activities and interdependencies of a project plan. The expertise of the team covers a range of therapeutic areas (including oncology, CNS, cardiovascular and metabolic disease) across the drug discovery stages and collectively we are experienced in assay development and high throughput screening, small molecule and large molecule medicinal chemistry through hit-to-lead and lead optimization, pre-clinical development. 

Alliance Management

The Prebys Center is committed to being the ‘partner of choice’ for both Pharma/Biotech and academic drug discovery institutions. The project managers at the Prebys Center are part of the SBP Alliance Management Community and work closely with our StrategicAlliance colleagues to ensure that collaboration frameworks are outlined and partner needs are addressed and met. 



Our Partnerships