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Prebys Center

Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4F (eIF4) Research Program

Malignant melanoma is a rapidly metastasizing tumor notoriously unresponsive to common therapies. The eIF4 research program, originating in the laboratory of Dr. Ze’ev Ronai, seeks to develop a novel class of inhibitors that targets a key component in the translation initiation complex, and which specifically treat BRAFi-resistant and BRAF-WT melanomas.



PCT WO 2016140973 “Quinolinones as inhibitors of translation initiation complex” Ronai, Z.; Pinkerton, A. B.; Feng, Y.; Topisirovic, I.; Brown, K.; Hassig, C. A.


Feng Y, Pinkerton AB, Hulea L, Zhang T, Davies MA, Grotegut S, Cheli Y, Yin H, Lau E, Kim H, De SK, Barile E, Pellecchia M, Bosenberg M, Li JL, James B, Hassig CA, Brown KM, Topisirovic I, Ronai ZA
Cancer Res 2015 Dec 15;75(24):5211-8