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Translational Medicine Accelerator

Our Mission

The Translational Medicine Accelerator (TMA) works with interested internal and external investigators to evaluate promising drug discovery initiatives, determine key next steps and associated clinical paths to advance projects to license to pharmaceutical/biotech companies or form new companies—“spin-offs”—to advance the development and commercialization of new medicines.

The TMA’s main focus is oncology, and the vast expertise and research capabilities within SBP make it ideally suited to support assay development, proof-of-concept and target validation studies, establish mechanisms of action, in vivo efficacy studies in relevant animal models, and support the translation of basic research discoveries into novel therapeutics. Significant efforts are undertaken to secure federal/nonprofit grants and industry-academic partnerships.

We work with contract research organizations (CROs) and clinical research centers to advance discoveries to assess drug metabolism, toxicology, pharmacokinetics and early proof-of-concept studies in humans. We advance clinical drug candidates to clinical trials with our partners.

Of particular interest is Immuno-Oncology, with projects directed at combating cancer using a patient’s own immune system. Our “Cancer Cell Kill” research program deploys monoclonal antibodies to guide immune cells to specific tumor cells or deliver toxins to a selective target cells.

Finally, our oncogenic pathway signaling research is developing innovative ways to tackle hard to drug, well validated oncogenes and pathways that may lead to new ways to address cancer that are particularly resistant to therapy.

Who we are

Our team is made up of accomplished scientists and seasoned drug discovery and development experts with the relevant pharmaceutical & biotech experience. Our expertise spans biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biologics, informatics, translational med/biomarkers, and IND enabling studies within the oncology drug development arena. The TMA team is supported by business development, alliance management and intellectual property professionals enabling us to deliver on goals in a timely and expedited manner.