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Cardiometabolic Phenotyping (Lake Nona)

Providing researchers with a wide array of methodologies and techniques to evaluate cardiovascular and metabolic functions.


The Cardiometabolic Phenotyping Core facility (CMPC) provides researchers with a wide array of methodologies and techniques to evaluate cardiovascular and metabolic functions in mice. The CMPC also conducts specialized cardiovascular surgeries to establish disease models in mice. Imaging modalities (high resolution ultrasound and optical imaging) performed by the CMPC have utility to interrogate wide-ranging biological targets/disease indications. Centralization of this expertise and technology in the CMPC offers a standardized, efficient and cost-effective means to deliver high-quality phenotyping and surgical services. As needed, CMPC staff will assist in the design of experimental studies. Moreover, the CMPC staff will monitor the emerging needs of investigators and expand our repertoire of services accordingly.


Cardiovascular phenotyping and mouse cardiac disease models
  • Surgical models of human heart disease (myocardial infarction, heart failure, hypetrophy)
  • Echocardiography
  • Hemodynamics (Invasive, Non-invasive)
  • ECG monitoring
  • Exercise tolerance
  • Telemetry
  • Optical Imaging
Metabolic phenotyping
  • Body composition analysis
  • Exercise metabolism
  • Glucose and insulin tolerance tests
  • Energy balance studies (indirect calorimetry; food intake monitoring)
  • Pancreatic function (Hyperglycemic Clamps)
  • Glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity assessed in mice/rats
  • Hyperinsulinemic-Euglycemic and Hyperinsulinemic-Hypoglycemic Clamp studies


  • Millar pressure-volume loop conductance system
  • 16-channel Power lab station for invasive hemodynamic studies
  • Non invasive blood pressure studies by tail-cuff method
  • Non-invasive ECG recording and analysis in mice by ECGenie, Mouse Specifics, Inc.
  • Vevo 2100 ultrasound imaging system, Visual Sonics
  • Xenogen IVIS spectrum for Bioluminescence and Fluorescence based molecular imaging
  • Hemavet 950 FS for hematological studies including 5-part differential counts
  • Vetscan 2 for liver enzymes and comprehensive diagnostic enzyme profile in mice and rats
  • Telemetry system for ECG, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS)
  • Minispec LF90II time domain NMR for body composition studies in mice and rats
  • Treadmill for exercise based studies in mice


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