Andrey Bobkov, Ph.D.

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Andrey Bobkov, Ph.D.

Director, Protein Production and Analysis

Andrey Bobkov's Research Focus

Cell Biology, Analytical Biophysics, Protein Chemistry
Protein Structure-Function Relationships
General Cell Biology
Bacteria, Cultured Cell Lines, Human Cell Lines, Insect Cell Lines

Dr. Andrey Bobkov scientific interests include

  • Applications of biophysical methods to characterize protein structural and functional properties in vitro. In particular, protein folding and stability, self- and hetero- association, and mechanisms of protein interaction with ligands, small molecules and inhibitors.
  • Protein synthesis, folding and post translational processing in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  • Implementation and development of protein purification and fractionation methods.

Andrey Bobkov's Bio

Andrey A. Bobkov, Director, Protein Production and Analysis, leads the Prebys Center effort on recombinant protein production and biophysical characterization. He has received an M.S. in Biochemistry from Moscow State University (Russia) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Bach Institute of Biochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences. Andrey did his postdoctoral training at  UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. Andrey has more than 20 years of experience and over 40 publications in the field of Biophysical Analysis. He teaches the Protein Analysis and Biophysics portion of the Structural Biology in Cell Signaling and Drug Discovery Course to SBP graduate students.

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Conformation of BCL-XL upon Membrane Integration.

Yao Y, Fujimoto LM, Hirshman N, Bobkov AA, Antignani A, Youle RJ, Marassi FM

J Mol Biol 2015 Jul 3 ;427(13):2262-70

Relative impact of 3- and 5-hydroxyl groups of cytosporone B on cancer cell viability.

Xia Z, Cao X, Rico-Bautista E, Yu J, Chen L, Chen J, Bobkov A, Wolf DA, Zhang XK, Dawson MI

Medchemcomm 2013 Feb 1 ;4(2):332-339

αE-catenin is an autoinhibited molecule that coactivates vinculin.

Choi HJ, Pokutta S, Cadwell GW, Bobkov AA, Bankston LA, Liddington RC, Weis WI

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012 May 29 ;109(22):8576-81

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Calcium sensing by the STIM1 ER-luminal domain.

Gudlur A, Zeraik AE, Hirve N, Rajanikanth V, Bobkov AA, Ma G, Zheng S, Wang Y, Zhou Y, Komives EA, Hogan PG

Nat Commun 2018 Oct 31 ;9(1):4536

Adapted ATPase domain communication overcomes the cytotoxicity of p97 inhibitors.

Wei Y, Toth JI, Blanco GA, Bobkov AA, Petroski MD

J Biol Chem 2018 Dec 28 ;293(52):20169-20180

Physiological temperatures reduce dimerization of dengue and Zika virus recombinant envelope proteins.

Kudlacek ST, Premkumar L, Metz SW, Tripathy A, Bobkov AA, Payne AM, Graham S, Brackbill JA, Miley MJ, de Silva AM, Kuhlman B

J Biol Chem 2018 Jun 8 ;293(23):8922-8933

Diabetes reversal by inhibition of the low-molecular-weight tyrosine phosphatase.

Stanford SM, Aleshin AE, Zhang V, Ardecky RJ, Hedrick MP, Zou J, Ganji SR, Bliss MR, Yamamoto F, Bobkov AA, Kiselar J, Liu Y, Cadwell GW, Khare S, Yu J, Barquilla A, Chung TDY, Mustelin T, Schenk S, Bankston LA, Liddington RC, Pinkerton AB, Bottini N

Nat Chem Biol 2017 Jun ;13(6):624-632

High resolution solid-state NMR spectroscopy of the Yersinia pestis outer membrane protein Ail in lipid membranes.

Yao Y, Dutta SK, Park SH, Rai R, Fujimoto LM, Bobkov AA, Opella SJ, Marassi FM

J Biomol NMR 2017 Mar ;67(3):179-190

Structural Basis of Dimeric Rasip1 RA Domain Recognition of the Ras Subfamily of GTP-Binding Proteins.

Gingras AR, Puzon-McLaughlin W, Bobkov AA, Ginsberg MH

Structure 2016 Dec 6 ;24(12):2152-2162

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