Pedro Aza-Blanc, Ph.D.

Pedro Aza-Blanc's Research Focus

Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Disease Therapies
Genomics, Cell Biology, Drug Discovery, Gene Silencing, High-Throughput/Robotic Screening, High Content Imaging, Molecular Genetics, Protein-Small Molecule Interactions, RNA Interference (RNAi), Systems Biology
Molecular Biology



Pedro Aza-Blanc's Bio

Dr. Aza-Blanc earned his Ph.D. degree in the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 1994 working in the field of Molecular Endocrinology. In 1995, he moved to San Francisco where he trained in developmental biology at the University of California-San Francisco. In 1999, he joined the Genomics Institute of Novartis in San Diego as a Principal Investigator in the Genomics Department, where he performed pioneering work in such as the development of the first algorithms for improved siRNA performance, the creation of the first siRNA libraries, and the application of high-throughput RNAi screening technology. His work resulted in the first publication describing RNAi screening as a discovery tool in mammalian systems. He was recruited to SBP in 2006 to launch the Functional Genomics Core, where he currently serves as Director. Altogether, Dr. Aza-Blanc brings more than 12 years of experience on functional genomics and target discovery both in academic and industrial environments.

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