Tambet Teesalu, Ph.D.

Tambet Teesalu's Research Focus

Dr. Teesalu uses phage display screens to identify homing peptides that bind to specific targets in the vasculature. Corresponding synthetic peptides are explored for targeting drugs, biological, and nanoparticles into tumors to increase their therapeutic index. His scope includes understanding the molecular interactions involved to drive specificity and activity, focusing on Tumor Penetrating Peptides (TPP) that trigger bulk extravascular transport in the tumor tissue.

Tambet Teesalu's Bio

Dr. Teesalu received his Ph.D. at University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine (jointly at San Raffaele Biomedical Institute in Milan, Italy) in 1999 studying the molecular mechanisms of mouse embryo implantation. He trained as a postdoctoral scientist with Antti Vaheri at the University of Helsinki, Finald until 2001. From 2001 to 2005, Dr. Teesalu was CEO of Applied Phenomics LLC, Tartu, Estonia. In 2005 he joined Dr. Ruoslahti's lab at SBP as a postdoctoral scientist and became a staff scientist. Dr. Teesalu is now an Adjunct Assistant Professor here and a Visiting Professor, Head of Laboratory of Cancer Biology at the University of Tartu, Estonia.

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Bi-specific tenascin-C and fibronectin targeted peptide for solid tumor delivery.

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Phage-Display-Derived Peptide Binds to Human CD206 and Modeling Reveals a New Binding Site on the Receptor.

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Antibiotic-loaded nanoparticles targeted to the site of infection enhance antibacterial efficacy.

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Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Targeting with Tumor Homing Peptides.

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Application of polymersomes engineered to target p32 protein for detection of small breast tumors in mice.

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