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The Fishman Fund provides funding for exceptional postdoctoral researchers through a competitive application process.
Fishman Fund Winners


To nurture the careers of future research trailblazers, Sanford Burnham Prebys introduced the Fishman Fund Awards in honor of the Institute's founders, Dr. William and Lillian Fishman.

In 2001, the Fishman Fund was established by Sanford Burnham Prebys supporters Mary Bradley and Reena Horowitz, to honor the Fishmans. In 2010, Jeanne Jones became the co-founder designee.  
Postdoctoral students can apply for the Fishman Fund Fellowship, a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship, and Fishman Fund Career Development Awards.


Fishman Fund Fellowship

The Fishman Fund Fellowship will provide exceptional Sanford Burnham Prebys postdocs with a two-year fellowship award. This fellowship will be bestowed every other year to the young scientist who is ranked highest by the selection committee, and it will be unique from other institutional postdoctoral grants because of the level of the Institute's commitment and support. Most fellowships match or only slightly increase the salary compared with standard NIH postdoctoral salary funding. By compensating exceptional postdocs at a higher level, the Fishman Fund Fellowship will be a sustained investment in future scientific leaders and pioneers.

Fishman Fund Career Development Awards

The Fishman Fund Career Development Awards will provide exceptional Sanford Burnham Prebys postdocs with $10,000 awards. With the funds, postdocs can attend workshops, seminars, conferences and network with top scientists in their field.

Joana Borlido, Ph.D., describes why the Fishman Fund Award has been such a boost to her career.

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2019 Fishman Fund Advisory Board
Fishman Fund Advisory Board
  • Penny Michelle Abrams
  • Karen Alexander
  • David Anderson
  • Molly Jaeger Begent
  • Eve Benton
  • Marla Black
  • Cathe Burnham
  • Malin Burnham
  • Linda Chester
  • Jessica Cline
  • Peter Cooper
  • Patti Cooprider
  • Eva Engvall
  • Nina Fishman
  • Cynthia Goodman
  • Reena Horowitz
  • Jeanne Jones
  • Tony Khalil
  • Sheila Lipinsky
  • Philip Low
  • Gregory Lucier
  • Edward Mracek
  • Esther Paul
  • Ramin Pourteymour
  • T. Denny Sanford
  • Doreen Schonbrun
  • Aaron Shenkman
  • Donald Vaughn
  • Ruth Westreich
  • Judy White
  • Armi Williams


Fishman Fund Winners
  • 2019
    Jennifer Hope
    Aaron Harvas
    Mafalda Loreti
  • 2018
    Usue Etxaniz Irigoien
    Koen Galenkamp
    Laura Martin-Sancho
    Ee Phie Tan
  • 2017
    David Sala Cana
    Michael J. Stec
    Jose Luis Nieto Torres
  • 2016
    Joana Borlido
    Bernhard Lechtenberg
    Jia (Zack) Shen
  • 2015
    Jessica von Recum
    Petrus de Jong
    Jacob Brown
  • 2014
    Karthik Bodhinathan
    Hongbo Pang
    Emily Y. Smith
  • 2013
    Florent Carrette
    Julia Jellusova
    Louis Lapierre
    Juan Pablo Palavicini
    Rachel Wilkie-Grantham
  • 2012
    Tufan Aydogdu
    Soda Diop
    Mihee Kim
    Zhi-Gang She
    Jun Wang
  • 2011
    Gregory Aubért
    Caroline Kumsta
    Aman Mann
    Martina Pröll
    Roberto Tinoco
  • 2010
    David Castro
    Gaurav Sharma
    Stefan Grotegut
    George Kyriazis
  • 2009
    Pilar Cejudo-Martin
    Martin Denzel
    Fabian Filipp
    Lars Pache
    Nai-Ying Michelle Yang
  • 2008
    Melanie Hoefer
    Jochen Maurer
    Elizabeth Rico-Bautista
    Maria Cecilia Scimia
    Chih-Cheng Yang
  • 2007
    Jennifer Katz
    Ana Miletic Sedy
    Sayantan Mitra
    Derek Ostertag
    Peter Teriete
  • 2006
    Sergio Alonso
    Mari Enoksson
    Amy Howes
    Yuehai Ke
    Lutz Tautz
  • 2005
    Ruchi Bajpai
    Lionel Hebbard
    Nicole K. Noren
    John Stebbins
    Ramón Díaz Trelles 
  • 2004
    Tasmia Duza  
  • 2003
    Sean Oldham
  • 2002
    Hudson Freeze
    José Luis Millán