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STRIVE is fueling translational research breakthroughs

Every new medicine begins with an original idea that finds its way from the laboratory to the clinic. The STRIVE Program is a SBP initiative, supporting novel, innovative ideas in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

SBP researchers have the opportunity to apply during three open rounds of proposals each year. We're looking for concise proposals outlining novel ideas that address unmet clinical needs. Open to all faculty, postdoctoral fellows, staff scientists, and graduate students, the program urges applicants to think big and provide specifics: experiments to be conducted, tools to be used, and objectives to be met. Projects are selected based on their potential for overcoming several hurdles to drug development. These include a defined go/no-go experiment (with clear timing and deliverables) that either shows “reason to believe” in future impact, leads to a clear next step, or kills the project.


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