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Honor a loved one with a tribute fund

A tribute gift to Sanford Burnham Prebys allows you to honor the legacy of someone special and advance the medical research of our world-class scientists. These special funds focus attention and support on addressing the unmet patient need for the diseases that have afflicted these heroic people.

If you're interested in establishing a fund to honor the memory of a loved one, please contact us by telephone toll free: (877) 454-5702 or email


The Rocket Fund

John Taylor "Rocket" Williams IV

The Rocket Fund supports the heroic battle against heartbreaking rare and neglected children’s diseases.

William's Superhero Fund

William Schultz

William’s Superhero Fund is a rescue mission William would’ve been proud of leading – to save other kids’ lives.

Dongxian Zhang Memorial Fund

Dongxian Zhang

The Dongxian Zhang Memorial Fund is established to remember our esteemed faculty member of the Degenerative Diseases Program.

Eric Dudl Endowed Scholarship Fund

Eric Preston Dudl

The Eric Dudl Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to remember a promising young postdoc at the Institute whose life was tragically cut short by cancer.

Karen L. Anderson Memorial Fund

Karen L. Anderson

The Karen L. Anderson Memorial Fund is established to remember a gifted cell biologist and highly skilled electron microscopist who was an invaluable member of the Institute family.

Nancy Angus Memorial Fund

Nancy Angus

This memorial fund is established to remember Nancy, an accomplished, donor-centric, major and principal gifts development officer.